Use of Rapid Load Test for Pile Foundation – BCA-GeoSS Joint Seminar


GeoSS committee and Speakers

Summary of the talk:

Building Construction Authority (BCA) and GeoSS jointly organized a seminar on the “Use of rapid load test for pile foundation” addressing the increased demands on alternative pile foundation testing in Singapore.  The one day seminar held in BCA Academy building commenced with opening speech from the president of GeoSS, Dr Leong Kam Weng and followed with technical presentation from various areas in academic, manufacturing, consulting and contractor.

Dr Chew Soon Hoe, Asistant Professor in NUS delivered the keynote lecture on the fundamental concept and information of the rapid load test. It includes the concept of equivalent static loading in dynamic event when the velocity of pile is zero. Professor Tatsunori Matsumoto shared vast utilization of the rapid load testing in Japan. Japan has developed and published code of practice, JGS 1815-2002 based on research and compilation of construction knowledge. Professor Matsumoto showed that the Rapid Load Test was deployed at the critical area, close to high speed rail viaduct and performed well without damaging the existing nearby structure.

After morning tea break, representatives of Bermingham company from canada shared the invention idea of the statnamic method. It is by increasing acceleration of mass upward direction and thus generating a push load downward, applying the Newton’s second law of motion, to create the equivalend force as it is observed in static load test. With the background of wide experiences of Rapid load test in Taiwan, Yu-herng (Joseph) Chang, shared three cases studies including the use for construction of Tapei 101, Taiwan high speed rail and Kinmen bridge.

Er Dr Ooi Poh Hai from KTP consultant in singapore delivered the talk coated with his critical comments on the side of qualified person for conducting the rapid load test. Er Chow Wei Foo from BCA follows the comments by presenting the case histories of rapid load test in Singapore. Mr Nagatie from BCA presented data analysis for correlation to commonly used pile design parameter from the BCA database. Lastly, Er. Dr Yet Nai Song presented the requirement of pile testing in Singapore.

The common theme presented across the seminar is that rapid load test has been proven providing similar prediction to the static load test when it is interpreted correctly. Session of discussion, question and answer pointed out the importance of adopting correct concept in order to interpred the results accurately. For instance, using double integration from acceleration and single integration from velocity comparing with the measured displacement to confirm the validity of measured signal.


Reported by: Erick Y. Kencana on 23 August 2017

From date: 20/07/2017

To date: 20/07/2017

Organized by: BCA & GeoSS