Cement-treated soil – Gaps in the present practice – Evening Seminar


GeoSS together with the Centre for Soft Ground Engineering is organising an evening seminar on the “Cement-treated soil – Gaps in the present practice” by Dr Saw Ay Lee, Golder Associates, Hong Kong


Owning to the substantial presence of soft soil which covers about one quarter of land area in Singapore, it is often required to improve the soft soil by DCM/JGP for various construction purpose, for instance to stabilize the base of deep excavation or to eliminate future consolidation settlement for tunnel in consolidating soil. Despite the extensive use of DCM/JGP in local practice, there are still rooms for improvement both in terms of design and construction. The presentation aims to discuss the gaps relating to the current practice of ground improvement works using cement treatment method from the following perspectives: (i) The understanding in behaviour of cement-treated soil: is UCS enough? What is missing? (ii) Common numerical simulation of cement-treated soil: is composite simulation appropriate? Is Mohr Coulomb model with tension cut off good enough? (iii) QA/QC procedure: what is the sensible coring frequency and UCT sample numbers? (iv) Acceptance criteria: minima strength? Statistical method? Case histories from recent projects in Hong Kong and Singapore will be shared for discussion.


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From date: 09/02/2018

To date: 09/02/2018

Organized by: GeoSS & the Centre for Soft Ground Engineering

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