GeoSS Seminar & Members’ Lo-Hei Dinner 2019, 22 February 2019 @ Peach Garden, Hotel Miramar



Dear GeoSS Members,


On behalf of the GeoSS President and Committee, we would like to invite you to attend  GeoSS Seminar & Members’ Lo-Hei Dinner. Prof Wong Kai Sin will present the seminar on “Lessons Learnt from Back-Analysis” during the event.


The details of the event are as follows:


Date:               Friday, 22 February 2019

Time:              6.00pm to 10.00pm

Venue:            Peach Garden, Hotel Miramar (Level 3)

401 Havelock Road Singapore 169631

PDU/STU:      To be advised.


For more information, please refer to the attached event flyer.


Synopsis of Seminar

Since April 2018, a group of young engineers and an old man worked together on some back-analyses involving deep excavations in the Bukit Timah formation. This talk summarises the findings from this exercise with a focus placed on the issues below:


(a) Soil model: Is the Hardening Soil model better than the Mohr-Coulomb model?

(b) Soil Strength: How should we evaluate the drained strength parameters?

(c) Soil Stiffness: How should we evaluate the drained and the undrained moduli?

(d) Soil profile: Is the soil profile used in the analysis representative of the actual ground condition?

(e) Water drawdown: How does groundwater drawdown affect the analysis results?

(f) Ground settlement: How reliable are the computed ground settlements?

(g) Drainage condition: Is the undrained analysis meaningful for residual soils?


The findings from this study by no means provide comprehensive answers to the above questions. Nonetheless, they may shed some light on these issues.



  • The event is for valid GeoSS members.
  • For catering purposes, please register your attendance via this link:
  • Food served is a Chinese menu dinner.
  • Due to size of the restaurant, maximum capacity for this event is 170 persons.
  • Please register early! Closing date for registration is 8 February 2019.


We look forward to you joining us to celebrate this joyous occasion together.



Thank you.


Best Regards,


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From date: 22/02/2019

To date: 22/02/2019

Organized by: GeoSS

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