Important of constitutive model in analysis of geotechnical problems – Evening Seminar


Professor Teruo Nakai from Geo-Research Institute of Chubu University, Nagoya Institute of Technology delivered a lecture of GeoSS evening Seminar in National University of Singapore on 8 September 2017. Prof. Nakai began with presenting the various geotechnical problems followed by an introduction to constitutive models in one-dimensional behavior. The concept of tij was introduced in the three-dimensional behavior framework. Comparison of the numerical analysis adopting the constitutive model in a triaxial test was used to explain the tij concept. With various practical geotechnical problems, i.e. tunneling, retaining wall and braced open-cut excavation, Prof Nakai demonstrated the robustness of the constitutive model. The constitutive model is simple and sophisticated.

Reported by: Erick Y. Kencana; Photos taken by: Chriswini Tanaka


From date: 18/08/2017

To date: 18/08/2017

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