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GeoTechnical Instrumentation Engineer 

To enjoy a seamless application process, please :

  1. have your credit card ready before you begin.  We only accept payment of membership fees by credit card or PayNow/PayLah.

  2. ensure that you download this form and complete them before visiting this page to submit your application online. <Appendix I: Details of Experience in Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring (I&M)

  3. ensure you have these documents ready.  They will need to be uploaded on the application portal :

  • PE certified true copy of education qualification and mark sheets / official notarial transcripts (original and English translation, if applicable).

  • PE certified true copy of the Geotechnical Instrumentation for Engineers Certificate or Certification Course In Instrumentation And Monitoring For Construction Work conducted by organisation/institution approved by GeoSS


Important Note :

Failure to comply with the required signatory on the documents mentioned above or the submission of an incomplete form will result in your application being rejected and the forfeiture of your application fee.

Fees : 

Application Fee: S$20 (non-refundable) ; and

Registration Fee: S$120 for two calendar years

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